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Infectious Disease Control


Infectious diseases are typically highly contagious and should not be taken lightly nor should anyone not trained or equipped to decontaminate an environment be put in that situation or they too can easily become infected and also spread the disease. Special chemicals and an attention to detail are critical in ensuring that nobody else unknowingly contracts the disease until it’s too late. The most common diseases that need an immediate cleaning are as follows: If C.diff, MRSA, or Staph are exposed to a home, business or school, we are able to clean the most commonly affected areas with the proper cleaners to assist in preventing the transfer of the disease. From a health risk perspective, it is essential to go beyond surface cleaning. To significantly reduce the threat of an infectious disease, a professional scene cleaning service should be used to ensure proper decontamination.

Hospitals and medical facilities also run the risk of being affected by natural disasters. Like other businesses, these facilities rely on first responders and renovation crews to work on repairing the damages after floods, earthquakes, storms and other situations that happen. They also need trained professionals who are able to control infectious diseases throughout the restoration process. Having a renovation crew that is knowledgeable in infectious disease control can make this process less risky and more efficient.

Since hospitals affected by natural disasters risk the spread of airborne pathogens and infectious diseases, the requirement of construction compliance standards has become an increasing concern.

This is why, through our affiliate, DKI, the largest disaster restoration contracting organization in North America, the team at Blue River Restoration, LLC is continually trained on the latest products, tools, and knowledge within the healthcare field. This is why DKI partnered with The Linders Health Institute to bring specialized up-to-date training to its member companies. Those members can show you their proof of specialized training completion and their Critical Environment Reconstruction Contractors (CERC) accreditation. With this knowledge, we can safely keep your facility up and run throughout the restoration process, so you can continue to provide the care vital to your patients.

Call our emergency 24-hour services line if your healthcare facility requires property restoration services to quickly get you back to a business providing care to those in your community: (866) 596-0002

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